Listen to God’s whispering 하나님의 속삭임 듣기

I was walking along the road in Pisgat Zeev in Jerusalem.  I was passing by the deserted hill as usual.  Suddenly from within my mind, i heard, ” shall I go in?”  So i crossed in, and in a moment my eyes were unveiled!
It was God the creator who drew me closer to His beautiful art!
예루살렘의 피스갓즈에브 동네 길을 걷고 있었습니다.  늘 그랬듯이 그 버려진 언덕옆을 무심코 지나고 있었죠.  그런데 갑자기 마음속에서 이런 말이 들렸어요. “들어가볼까?”
결국 넘어들어갔습니다.  그 순간 저의 눈꺼풀이 벗겨졌습니다! 창조주 하나님이셨습니다! 그의 아름다운 작품 가까이로 이끄셨던 분.



3 thoughts on “Listen to God’s whispering 하나님의 속삭임 듣기

      1. Gean
        I have barely used wordpress. People either give a link to the conversation or I imagine just they “cut and paste- that may be very difficult though.” It is worth it to let your readers in on the conversaton. You cannot learn
        christianity NT, from a Rabbi, and you cannot learn Torah, OT from a christian. I used to be christian but have since totally given up the belief in Jesus as savior. It took over 25 years of actively searching and I never dreamed
        I would actually change my belief. But I was willing to look at everything and eventually did. Onc you learn the Torah from the source only stubborn-ness will keep you away. Just one mans opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

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